The Award Winning Smart Dolly Expandable and Collapsible Moving Cart adjusts to your individual moving needs.


  • Smart dolly weighs 9 pounds and will move an excess of 2,000 pounds.
  • 2 wheel dolly weighs 50 pounds and moves up to 600 pounds.
  • 4 wheel cart weighs 6 pounds, claims up to 1000 pounds capacity but broke with only 950 pounds.
  • Moving standard washer with a weight of approximately 130 pounds.
  • Requires just over 35 pounds to load for Smart Dolly.
  • Requires over 80 pounds to load on 2 wheel dolly.
  • Requires over 50 pounds to load on a 4 wheel cart and requires user to balance load at all times.
  • Smart Dolly allows user to tilt and slide dolly under load making loading easy.
  • Wheels in a row allows dolly to Bridge obstacles with ease.
  • Size and weight make storing the Smart Dolly very convenient.
  • Sides on Dolly allows dolly to cradle load holding the load in place on dolly.
  • Dolly wheels in a row allows user turn dolly 360 degrees and keeps dolly from moving side to side off its intended path.


The Smart Dolly is the only award winning expanding and collapsing cart for moving heavy items that easily fits into your life.  Whether you drive a Truck or a Coupe the Smart Dolly fits easily into your cab, truck bed, or trunks.   So why not bring a Smart Dolly with you to your next move?

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